Minimum power consumption via USB. Thermal regulation technology that reaches temperatures from 5 to 80 C within seconds. The ideal cup holder that keeps your beverages hot o cold.


Light and compact structure. Fully portable. Curved for better grip and stability. Completely customized surface. Ideal for you that love design


Maintenance of beverage temperature for longer. Elegant and modern gadget. Forget about cooling your coffee while surfing the web. Enjoy drinks at the perfect temperature

Future arrives with the COASTERM

Take modernity and art to your desk. Make the most of your favorite drinks. Enter the future of thermal adaptation.


Each COASTERM is a piece of art and innovation. Its customization surface is designed just for you. Use your own photos or business logos to give it an own touch. Fully seize your thermal experience.


Boost your company with a powerful corporate gift.

Broad customization surface. Innovative concept. Compact and stylish design. COASTERM carries the glow of a perfect gift for corporate advertising campaigns.

To outstand in the business world, brand recall is required. A company survival and growth is the result of a great company and stakeholders relationship. To strengthen those ties is easier now. The COASTERM cup holder is an advance in front of the conventional corporate gift methods, as diaries or branded pens. It allows more direct contact between users and brand, due to its flexible and broad graphic zone. It activates brand recall and locates brands at the top of mind of customers.

To visualize how your company's logo looks at the COASTERM contact us to